May 2017


12 Months 12 Locations Challenge 

I was scrolling through my Facebook page one night back in 2015 and one of my friends posts popped up in my feed….12 months 12 locations challenge. This post immediately grabbed my attention and subsequently changed the following year for me, for the better.

My friend had dedicated 2015 to travelling – her aim was to travel outside of London every month.  Now, as someone who loves to travel I was sold on this ‘challenge’ for the year.

I’m not going to lie, when I decided to take on this challenge I was quite nervous for various reasons. I was in a full time demanding job, I was nervous that I wouldn’t have anyone to travel with and most importantly I didn’t have a list of places that I actually wanted to travel to, so I wasn’t sure whether it would be feasible! (Insert eye-roll emoji)

So, I prayed. I asked God to come through for me if he wanted me to do this in 2016. Not long after I prayed I found out from my manager at the time that I had extra days to carry over. What?! I was over the moon, in hindsight I should have actually bought more days as I had the option to. But its all good 🙂

After my annual leave was in order I told quite a few of my friends about my travel plans and I received so much positive feedback. Then the journey began.

Follow my journey

I will be posting about my travels – hope you enjoy the pictures and that it inspires you to do something that you enjoy.

I will be showing you how to travel on a budget , maximise your annual leave , prepare for hot climates and most importantly make the most of each trip 🙂

In the mean time,  please check out my friends youtube – link below x

12 months, 12 locations