Love Your Hair


I absolutely love experimenting in the kitchen so I decided to make a hair mask!

My hair has been natural for nearly 4 years and one of the issues I always have is dryness! My scalp isn’t dry but my hair just feels so dry whenever I touch it, in the past I would drench it with product then have to wash it frequently because of the build up etc. After researching on YouTube lol, I finally decided to make a moisturising and strengthening hair mask.

For this mask I used an avocado (in hindsight I should have used half as my hair is not that long)an egg yolk, extra virgin olive oil and mayonnaise. I used a table spoon of the oil and an equal amount of the mayonnaise. I mixed the ingredients in the blender, my blender isn’t that great so the mixture was lumpy but I was able to work with it. I smoothed the mixture into my hair  coating it completely which left it feeling a bit heavy. I kept in on for 4 hours then rinsed it out.

Honestly, after I had rinsed the mask out, shampooed and conditioned as normal my hair did NOT feel smooth as per what my trusted YouTubers  led me to expect. It literally felt the same, however after a few days I noticed that my hair felt a lot stronger and I had hardly any shedding. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures – I forgot lol.

So I would recommend this to anyone who would like to strengthen their hair also let me know if your hair felt smooth after rinsing it out. You can also use this mask after you  remove facial hair and it will give you a soothing effect.  My hair was straight but not as soft as I expected, Maybe I didn’t put enough extra virgin olive oil… x

I always get asked how I keep my hair/scalp moisturised while its in braids or in a weave, so I’ll share a few basic things that I use. I honestly don’t do a lot, I find that the less I do the better for my styles. The thing I would say is that you should concentrate on keeping your scalp moisturised to avoid a flaky scalp and dandruff.

  • First get yourself a leave in spray. My go to leave in spray is by African pride, I really like it as it is light weight, very moisturising and has a lovely smell to it. Initially when I first get my hair done I spray my hair maybe once or twice a week. As the braids get older I spray my hair more often as the hair is beginning to dry out, paying particular attention to my scalp.


  • Further to using a braid spray you can create your own spray. I just use an old spray bottle and fill it with water, extra virgin olive oil, tea tree oil and a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil to make it smell nice. I personally prefer to make my own sprays because I know that the oils I put in the spray will help to keep my scalp well moisturised. Before doing this I used to get a really flaky dry scalp particularly at the front of my head. Oils and water are great moisturisers and sealer’s for afro-Caribbean hair and can be sprayed onto the hair daily.


  • Lastly, what I do to keep my braids/weave moisturised is applying my favourite oils directly to my scalp and massaging it into my hair. This process I don’t do too often, once or twice a week depending on how dry I feel my hair is. Its important to not do this too often as the oils can weigh down your hair and cause build up on your scalp making it look dirty. If you’re unsure of what oils to use, check out I personally use the scalp hydration serum when I have my braids or weave in as it does what it says on the bottle. It also has a nozzle tip which makes it easier to get in between the braids/cornrows.


Simple steps to keeping your scalp/hair moisturised and please do try them out x

April 2010 I had a bad experience with a chemical relaxer (perm) which resulted in my scalp being badly burnt.

This was such a crazy experience for me…I’d been perming my hair since the age of 2 and I had NEVER experienced anything like this before

Finally after much deliberation I went to the hairdressers to get my hair cut and shaved, Id be lying if I said I didn’t cry. It felt as though my femininity had been stripped away!

After having my hair cut, I carried on perming my hair even though perm had damaged it in the first place, I refused to believe the damage caused by the perm was  permanent. I had a lot of growth at the front but the back refused to grow, which led me to back to the hair dresser to get my Mohawk cut off and start over

 Eventually when I realised the back of my hair wouldn’t grow unless I stopped perming it I took matters into my own hands and just cut the whole lot off! 


And it pains me to say that I will not be going back to creamy crack any time in the foreseeable future! LOL x



Essential oils that I use for my ‘fro

Carrot oil – I love this oil, its so light smells great and gives my hair a lovely shine.
Extra virgin olive oil – Amazing oil!! I always use this before I shampoo or condition my hair after I’ve taken out braids or a weave – leaves my hair feeling great and acts as a de-tangler, well for me anyway!
Coconut oil – I love using this oil for hot oil treatments as it leaves my hair feeling strong and moisturized.
Castor oil / Jamaican black castor oil – I use these oils for my ends and the back of my hair as it is thin from chemical damage and I am seeing the thickening effects of these oils. Yay!
Jojoba oil – This oil keeps my hair very moisturized as my hair is prone to getting dry. I reach for this when my hair is feeling dry and crunchy lol
I have recently purchased sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil so I will give a review once I’ve used them. I’m really excited to use them!