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12 Months 12 Locations Challenge 

I was scrolling through my Facebook page one night back in 2015 and one of my friends posts popped up in my feed….12 months 12 locations challenge. This post immediately grabbed my attention and subsequently changed the following year for me, for the better.

My friend had dedicated 2015 to travelling – her aim was to travel outside of London every month.  Now, as someone who loves to travel I was sold on this ‘challenge’ for the year.

I’m not going to lie, when I decided to take on this challenge I was quite nervous for various reasons. I was in a full time demanding job, I was nervous that I wouldn’t have anyone to travel with and most importantly I didn’t have a list of places that I actually wanted to travel to, so I wasn’t sure whether it would be feasible! (Insert eye-roll emoji)

So, I prayed. I asked God to come through for me if he wanted me to do this in 2016. Not long after I prayed I found out from my manager at the time that I had extra days to carry over. What?! I was over the moon, in hindsight I should have actually bought more days as I had the option to. But its all good 🙂

After my annual leave was in order I told quite a few of my friends about my travel plans and I received so much positive feedback. Then the journey began.

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I will be posting about my travels – hope you enjoy the pictures and that it inspires you to do something that you enjoy.

I will be showing you how to travel on a budget , maximise your annual leave , prepare for hot climates and most importantly make the most of each trip 🙂

In the mean time,  please check out my friends youtube – link below x

12 months, 12 locations  


Last Sunday (26th Feb 2017) I had the privilege of attending the Magic lantern Festival in Chiswick House.

The Magical Lantern Festival London is a spectacular fusion of art, heritage and culture. Illuminating outdoor installations of beautifully sculpted lanterns taking various forms.

It was nothing short of amazing, Im so glad I went.  The pieces of art, food, drink and atmosphere was electric.

Please enjoy a few of the pictures I took on my iPhone 🙂

Please see the link for more info




Happy New year All!

Gosh, its been a while since I’ve put up a new post!

Anyhoo, I’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts about New Years Resolutions, both for and against them which I think is all subject to personal opinion and what works best for the individual. Me personally I’m not really into the whole new years resolution thing but I do set out goals that I want to achieve for the year which can kind of get lost in translation if I don’t write them down. Not good!

So recently I watched one of Christina Zilber’s (CZJouer) snapchat videos and she mentioned that she had written out her ‘intentions’ for the year which really grabbed my attention. I had never heard that before and I was more excited about writing out what I intended to achieve in the year than New Years resolutions that seemed far fetched. I’ve since drafted out a few of my intentions for the year and I’m really excited to get the ball rolling with them.
One thing I did notice however about my intentions is that they all revolve around me…no surprises there..



Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong about working on yourself and trying to be a better you but how about throwing in a few intentions, resolutions or goals that ultimately benefit someone else…just a thought. Today I was listening to a podcast by one of my favourite preachers – Andy Stanley ( I’ve included the link to the sermon here – ) and he made a valid suggestion , why not make a New years Resolution that changes the world for good? Now that might sound like a big suggestion to make , but the world could be your home, your work place, being a better parent to your children etc…

So I submit the above ‘suggestion’ to you today and also encourage you to listen to the sermon linked above and see who’s world you can change for the better this year.


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I’m sure by now you’ve probably seen the ‘Teatox’ craze all over the internet namely Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and wondered what it’s all about . I certainly did.  I had seen quite a few celebrities posts on Instagram  their chosen Teatox, so I decided to do a little bit of research myself to see what was available to me and whether the health benefits were true.

I saw that Holland & Barrett stocked Bootea,  so I  bought the 14 day supply just to try it out. My first thoughts was that it was quite pricey retailing at £34.99 for 28 days (you get 42 tea bags)  and £22.99 for 14 days (you get 21 tea bags) In the 14 days supply  you get 14 day time teabags and 7 bedtime teabags. The day time tea is to be taken once everyday for 14/28 days and the night time tea once every other night (starting on day one).

The day time teabags has a light distinct taste, I’m a big green tea drinker so I’m used to the taste and really like it. So if you’re not much of a tea drinker you can add honey or sugar to help improve the taste. One of the things that I liked about the tea is that it really helped me feel less bloated throughout the day but on the flip side made me pee more often. The night time tea has a bit of a stronger taste than the morning tea and has also has a laxative effect. I didn’t really like that feeing but I guess it was all part of the cleansing / detoxifying process. It also left me a bit dehydrated the morning after, which meant that I was drinking more water than usual.

On review I’m glad that I tried the Bootea teatox as I feel like it helped me in loosing a bit of weight (4 pounds) over 2 weeks mainly because it helped me to maintain a good routine and I was also very mindful of what I ate.  I would say the weight loss was as a result also of  exercising, drinking lots of water and cutting out junk food  Would I buy it again? Probably not, as I felt that its a bit pricey for tea, but I would recommend trying it out as it does work Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Too often we get caught up in this rat race called life trying to please everyone and ultimately forgetting to do what makes us happy. A friend recently wrote this on their status which really caught my attention. ” When all is said and done; We’re born, we live and then we return to our maker. Make the life you live worthwhile. Don’t be chained by rules that serve no purpose in making you happy.” I honestly couldn’t have put it better myself. 

So I ask you this, are you living your life to the fullest or are you living in the shadows of what others expect of you. I challenge you, like I did myself to step out of your comfort zone and live your life. It may feel lonely, uncomfortable or even seem crazy to onlookers what you decide to do but if you’re living out your passion in the long run it wont matter what people think.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken x 

James 2:16 – and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that?

How many of us have been guilty of doing the above? It’s so easy to brush past our friends or families needs because we’re busy, however most times its due to the fact that we’re not sensitive enough to realise their needs. Over the past few days I’ve been praying to God to help me to be a blessing to someone even though things are a bit for me  I trust that God will provide for me. Even if he doesn’t I’ll manage. I can hear many of you saying well I do help out financially but they never pay back or I give my time but they never appreciate it. I know how that feels, but do it anyway out of love – God sees your heart.

I’ve read over the above scripture so many times in the past but I never really paid it much mind. Today I was thinking about one of the lessons I taught in Sunday school where I was asking the kids different ways they could be a blessing to their parents and siblings when they got home that day. Of course with much excitement all of their little hands flew up and they began telling me…’ I can help to wash the dishes….I can be kind and helpful…I wont fight my brother…’ It got me thinking and I was encouraged that if we continue to bring up our children in this way then they will be sensitive to the needs of their brothers and sisters. Lending a hand out of love not obligation, giving their time or money out of love not because of the recognition they can get from it.

So, I encourage you to lend a hand today out of love x

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision – Helen Keller

This book details an amazing testimony which led to a passion being birthed and a desire to make a difference in this world.

For 6 months Biyi Adewumi experienced total blindness. She describes the ordeal as ‘when the cloud hit’ as all she could see was ‘clouds’. She was suffering from a rare condition called Hydrops. A mother of two and wife to an assistant Pastor, you can just imagine the strain and confusion this caused in their busy household. The author goes into much detail about the roller coaster of emotions she faced from anger to resentment towards God and the people all around her to confusion, sadness and short lived moments of hope that surgery could turn help her see again.

Reading through this book I felt so encouraged, I honestly don’t know what I would have done in her situation. She literally had to relearn how to work with God and  be comforted by the fact that God was in full control . Thankfully God placed strong friends and family around her who were constantly praying for her. Sometimes I feel that it takes everything being taken away from us for us to really put all our trust in Jesus. Who was to say whether her sight would ever be restored, but God being God He was faithful enough to not only restore her sight but He also blessed her with a vision that will affect thousands of lives for the better. In the book she tells us of the covenant she made with God that if he restored her sight that she would write a book, 12 months to the day that she lost her sight she released her book! I attended the Launch and to date it was the best I’ve been to!

Out of this ordeal her purpose was revealed and ultimately her Victory in Christ is been shared with the whole world. Precious Sights Foundation was birthed to help children in Africa with treatable eye conditions to prevent them from going blind. Affording them the opportunity to go to school, work and provide an income for their families. Please check out the foundation and donate.

To those of you currently facing darkness, be encouraged. Some nights may be longer than others, but believe me when I say your morning is coming! God is working something out for your good x