Love Your Skin


I’m the absolute worst when it comes to applying liquid / gel eye-liner. For a long time I used to steer clear of eye-liner for the fact that I could never get my liner looking even or even relatively similar! Recently I bought the L’oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer to practise with, I’d say that for beginners this is a good product because you can really control the thickness and angle of the liner on the eye.  It costs just under £7 in Superdrug eyes

Alternatively, for slightly more confident make up wearers  that want a slightly neater look I would recommend trying the fluidline  gel eye-liner by M.A.C.  The colour featured below is ‘blacktrack” the darkest shade, it also comes in different colours, so happy shopping. This eyeliner  glides on so smoothly and gives a lovely neat finish!  I’ve been practising a lot with this one!


Now you know what product to buy, you need to know how to apply the eyeliner right? Well I’ve inserted below a tutorial that has really helped me,  I hope it helps you too.  I found this tutorial particularly useful as we have a similar eye shape, but please do feel free to research further if this isn’t right for you.

Source: Youtube – ( Alissa Ashley)

May the wings of your eye-liner always be even! x

The sun is shining and the weather is oh so sweet! I’ve just applied my favourite lipstick and my lips have that cracked effect! Panic sets in, what on Earth has happened to my lips. After a bit of research I picked up a few inexpensive lip products that have left me feeling summer time ready. I’ve listed them below, hopefully they help you out too if you feel your lips are in need of boost.

First things first, I found that a good lip scrub is a must. This will help remove the build up of dead skins cells from your lips, leaving behind soft smooth supple lips.

  • Lush have some amazing tasting lip scrubs made with all natural ingredients. You simply rub a bit of the scrub on your lip with a clean finger, which buffs away the dead skin cells then lick off the excess. Or if you chose you can use a wet wipe to remove the excess, either way you’re left with soft lips! They are very affordable and last quite a while.


  • If you prefer not to use your finger you can get the lipscuff from body shop. It does exactly the same thing as the lip scrub from lush, but is in stick form in a retractable tube. You simply apply the lipscuff to your lips, rub your lips together and wipe the excess off with a wet wipe or tissue and voila! It is however slightly more expensive than the lush lip scrubs.


Once this process has been done you can follow up with a lip balm of your choice. My new favourite is the EOS lip balm its all natural and does the job! It also tastes and smells amazing. This product is widely available online and costs just under £6! Bargain!


Another favourite of mine is the born lippy lip balm by body shop. There’s a trend happening here lol.  Again, this lip balm smells and tastes great, gives a lovely shine and lasts on your lips! All for just £2.



And thats that! A few of my favourites for smooth kissable lips x

I purchased the lancome teint idole ultra and a lipstick at the end of 2011 and I received a bunch of free products.



The Lancome Hydra Zen is one of the free products that was in my bag of goodies. I was a bit sceptical as I have crazy sensitive skin, so much so that even water makes my face itch. We’re now in 2013 and I am still using the sample size of this cream and it was amazing! It really soothes my face and leaves it feeling soft and supple, a little definitely goes a long way. If you have sensitive skin like me or looking for a product that helps sooth your skin I would recommend this!