Love Your Soul



Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. (Philippians 4:6 NLT)

Wow, the above scripture is speaking volumes to me right now.

We all worry that’s just the truth, we allow the burdens of life to weigh us down and make us lose sight of what it actually means to have faith in God. From worrying about our jobs, money, health, friends, children etc…

By doing this we move away from being enthusiastic hopeful Christians to Christians who worry and whose countenances are constantly downcast.

” I do believe, I just worry sometimes, that’s not bad is it?”, that’s what I’m sure some of you are saying.

Its not bad to worry sometimes, we’re human, but by constantly worrying or doubting we’re telling God that he doesn’t have the ability to change our situation and worrying is a better solution.

If we truly believe that God is the author and finisher of our faith, that he is the one who knew us before we were formed and that he makes everything work out for our good then we will replace with worrying and doubt with prayer!

As Christians we are supposed to be full of joy as our victory is sure in Christ !

God hears you!

It shall come to pass That before they call, I will answer; And while they are still speaking, I will hear. (Isaiah 65:24 NKJV)

The above scripture has given me so much life tonight!

I received some amazing news on Thursday which has changed my situation for the better. For the past year I have literally been crying out to God and the way he answered my prayer was crazy! I had been toiling in prayer, crying, worrying full of anxiety and then God stepped in and turned everything around. The answer I was searching for came with such ease that I still cant believe its true! Lol

Over the past year I drew so much strength from the bible and in scriptures there are many instances where he answered prayers with such ease where the situation seemed impossible. One of the main scriptures I found hope was in 1Sam.1:12,13 where God heard Hannah’s cry, spared her shame, took her out of depression, answered her prayer and blessed her with an amazing son!

“The above example and many other examples in the bible are for our benefit. They were placed there to stir up our faith, and propel us towards communicating with the father like they did. Now, knowing that your heavenly father hears you, even before you call, be free to go to Him with your requests today. If He hears you, then you know He will answer you.”

Be encouraged!!

I was watching a short video clip the other day and the song playing in the background was ‘Murder she wrote’ by Chaka Demus & Pliers. Now I used to listen to this song all the time when I was younger and sing along to it whenever it came on the radio, I’m sure you probably did the same as well. However, how many of us actually took time to listen to the lyrics? I for one didn’t mainly because I didn’t really understand Patois.

So, I went ahead and googled the lyrics and posted them below:

Watch ya now, it name

A pretty face and bad character

Dem the kinda livin can’t hold Chaka (follow me!)

A pretty face and bad character

Dem the kinda livin can’t hold Chaka

Seh gal yuh pretty

Yuh face it pretty

But yuh character dirty

Gal yuh just act too flirty flirty

Yuh run to Tom, Dick, an also Harry

An when yuh find yuh mistake

Yuh talk bout yuh sorry, sorry, sorry (Come now!)


The song writer is basically complaining about ‘loose girls’ who have bad characters and if caught cheating are quick to say sorry, but as we all know actions speak much louder than words.

Now this song is quite old but the topic it focuses on is still very relevant in today’s society. For instance, most guys want to find a girl that will be loyal to him as no one intentionality sets out to get their heart broken. How difficult must that be trying to find one among all the outwardly beautiful girls. The problem is you can never truly know someone until you spend time with them and by then it may be too late if you happen to fall in love with a girl with a bad character and the desire to love more than one man at a time.

With this desire to find a girl ‘good enough to take home to momma’, guys have resorted to asking their female counter parts if they know any ‘good girls’ Most successful relationships have come from ‘referrals’, from friends. ‘I know someone who will be perfect for you. Guy; ‘what is she like? ‘She’s a good girl’, emphasis on good.

Many girls want to get a man and eventually get married but all they focus on is their outward appearance. Now there is nothing wrong with looking good on the outside but if that’s your only focus then that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Like smoke its hard to mask its smell, so if you don’t have good character or haven’t worked on yourself – e.g. know what you stand for, built up good credibility for yourself it will eventually show.

What I got from this song is that, its not enough to have a pretty face, as looks alone cannot sustain a long term good relationship. I’m sure we all know this, but we cant forget the reality of this.

Lyrics via Lyrics On Demand

To those that don’t know, I’m totally in love with Mary Kay Ash, a leading business woman of her time who identified her strength in sales and used it to her advantage whilst simultaneously breaking the stereotype that so many women were bound to at that time (1960’s). She helped women gain a more prominent presence in business, opened up opportunities for them to be self employed and be much more than a secretary in a male dominated work force but most importantly she gave women a voice.

Sometimes when we are caught between a rock and a hard place our natural instinct is to give up , throw in the towel and assume that we took a wrong turn somewhere along the line. But sometimes its necessity in those kind of situations that show us who we can really be, or better yet who we NEED to be. You never know how strong you are until you have to be strong.

Mary Kay Ash failed her way to success, despite having three children, dealing with the death of her husband and initial unbelief in her business from her children  she kept pressing forward. She defied popular belief that because she ‘thought like a woman’ she would not be able to succeed in business. This did not limit her at all. Her philosophy was simple and rightly so: God first, Family second and Career third. Getting the right balance is important!

An African adeage says ‘Na condition make crayfish bend’ It basically means that the conditions of the water causes the crayfish/prawn to bend and look the way that it does.

My question to you is, will you allow your situation to  cripple you or kill your passions? Let me bring it a little closer to home, the riots has made certain people believe they have right to stigmatise black people and class them into this stereotype that ‘black culture’ is the root problem. Educated people know this is not the case therefore we cannot regress and allow our situations to dictate us what we can or cant do, not when there is a living God who specialises in impossibilities.

Mary Kay Ash is a good example to use as her company is still one of the largest private firms in America. She is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about business and following your dreams. It also helps that she was a Christian and stuck by her values.

What’s your passion? If you’ve let it fade away reignite it, the world is waiting for YOU