I absolutely love experimenting in the kitchen so I decided to make a hair mask!

My hair has been natural for nearly 4 years and one of the issues I always have is dryness! My scalp isn’t dry but my hair just feels so dry whenever I touch it, in the past I would drench it with product then have to wash it frequently because of the build up etc. After researching on YouTube lol, I finally decided to make a moisturising and strengthening hair mask.

For this mask I used an avocado (in hindsight I should have used half as my hair is not that long)an egg yolk, extra virgin olive oil and mayonnaise. I used a table spoon of the oil and an equal amount of the mayonnaise. I mixed the ingredients in the blender, my blender isn’t that great so the mixture was lumpy but I was able to work with it. I smoothed the mixture into my hair  coating it completely which left it feeling a bit heavy. I kept in on for 4 hours then rinsed it out.

Honestly, after I had rinsed the mask out, shampooed and conditioned as normal my hair did NOT feel smooth as per what my trusted YouTubers  led me to expect. It literally felt the same, however after a few days I noticed that my hair felt a lot stronger and I had hardly any shedding. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures – I forgot lol.

So I would recommend this to anyone who would like to strengthen their hair also let me know if your hair felt smooth after rinsing it out. You can also use this mask after you  remove facial hair and it will give you a soothing effect.  My hair was straight but not as soft as I expected, Maybe I didn’t put enough extra virgin olive oil… x