I always get asked how I keep my hair/scalp moisturised while its in braids or in a weave, so I’ll share a few basic things that I use. I honestly don’t do a lot, I find that the less I do the better for my styles. The thing I would say is that you should concentrate on keeping your scalp moisturised to avoid a flaky scalp and dandruff.

  • First get yourself a leave in spray. My go to leave in spray is by African pride, I really like it as it is light weight, very moisturising and has a lovely smell to it. Initially when I first get my hair done I spray my hair maybe once or twice a week. As the braids get older I spray my hair more often as the hair is beginning to dry out, paying particular attention to my scalp.


  • Further to using a braid spray you can create your own spray. I just use an old spray bottle and fill it with water, extra virgin olive oil, tea tree oil and a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil to make it smell nice. I personally prefer to make my own sprays because I know that the oils I put in the spray will help to keep my scalp well moisturised. Before doing this I used to get a really flaky dry scalp particularly at the front of my head. Oils and water are great moisturisers and sealer’s for afro-Caribbean hair and can be sprayed onto the hair daily.


  • Lastly, what I do to keep my braids/weave moisturised is applying my favourite oils directly to my scalp and massaging it into my hair. This process I don’t do too often, once or twice a week depending on how dry I feel my hair is. Its important to not do this too often as the oils can weigh down your hair and cause build up on your scalp making it look dirty. If you’re unsure of what oils to use, check out root2tip.com. I personally use the scalp hydration serum when I have my braids or weave in as it does what it says on the bottle. It also has a nozzle tip which makes it easier to get in between the braids/cornrows.


Simple steps to keeping your scalp/hair moisturised and please do try them out x