April 2010 I had a bad experience with a chemical relaxer (perm) which resulted in my scalp being badly burnt.

This was such a crazy experience for me…I’d been perming my hair since the age of 2 and I had NEVER experienced anything like this before

Finally after much deliberation I went to the hairdressers to get my hair cut and shaved, Id be lying if I said I didn’t cry. It felt as though my femininity had been stripped away!

After having my hair cut, I carried on perming my hair even though perm had damaged it in the first place, I refused to believe the damage caused by the perm was  permanent. I had a lot of growth at the front but the back refused to grow, which led me to back to the hair dresser to get my Mohawk cut off and start over

 Eventually when I realised the back of my hair wouldn’t grow unless I stopped perming it I took matters into my own hands and just cut the whole lot off! 


And it pains me to say that I will not be going back to creamy crack any time in the foreseeable future! LOL x