I’m sure by now you’ve probably seen the ‘Teatox’ craze all over the internet namely Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and wondered what it’s all about . I certainly did.  I had seen quite a few celebrities posts on Instagram  their chosen Teatox, so I decided to do a little bit of research myself to see what was available to me and whether the health benefits were true.

I saw that Holland & Barrett stocked Bootea,  so I  bought the 14 day supply just to try it out. My first thoughts was that it was quite pricey retailing at £34.99 for 28 days (you get 42 tea bags)  and £22.99 for 14 days (you get 21 tea bags) In the 14 days supply  you get 14 day time teabags and 7 bedtime teabags. The day time tea is to be taken once everyday for 14/28 days and the night time tea once every other night (starting on day one).

The day time teabags has a light distinct taste, I’m a big green tea drinker so I’m used to the taste and really like it. So if you’re not much of a tea drinker you can add honey or sugar to help improve the taste. One of the things that I liked about the tea is that it really helped me feel less bloated throughout the day but on the flip side made me pee more often. The night time tea has a bit of a stronger taste than the morning tea and has also has a laxative effect. I didn’t really like that feeing but I guess it was all part of the cleansing / detoxifying process. It also left me a bit dehydrated the morning after, which meant that I was drinking more water than usual.

On review I’m glad that I tried the Bootea teatox as I feel like it helped me in loosing a bit of weight (4 pounds) over 2 weeks mainly because it helped me to maintain a good routine and I was also very mindful of what I ate.  I would say the weight loss was as a result also of  exercising, drinking lots of water and cutting out junk food  Would I buy it again? Probably not, as I felt that its a bit pricey for tea, but I would recommend trying it out as it does work Follow my blog with Bloglovin