No matter how much you anticipate something its always much different when you actually have to experience it first hand.

July 14th 2010…the day I graduated from University

It was a day that I had been eagerly waiting for. I can clearly remember dreaming up my perfect dress ,heels,the way I’d style my hair but most importantly not falling over when going up to collect my degree(!)

Once all the excitement had died down, the parties had stopped, the gifts and money stopped flowing and the congratulations were no longer in order, I got a rude awakening that I’d actually have to work a 9-5 job.. which meant giving some-one 7/8 hours of my time each day!!! what?! *scream* Like I said before you can never fully know what something will be like until you are in it or have had a preview of what it will be like

Cant I just be a free spirit doing what I love and make money from it and have time to serve God fully?! Wait…YES I CAN, and others are doing it too

The thought of this alone is making me wanna rip my hair out(lol). I am a creative person and being stuck in an office in front of a computer is NOT where I’m supposed to be…So where am I supposed to be, I hear you ask??

Well… join me on this tumblr journey and we’ll find out together

We’re strangers on this Earth Psalm 119:19 – So with God’s teachings and his guidance we can literally be all that he created us to be.

Class dismissed