Happy New year All!

Gosh, its been a while since I’ve put up a new post!

Anyhoo, I’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts about New Years Resolutions, both for and against them which I think is all subject to personal opinion and what works best for the individual. Me personally I’m not really into the whole new years resolution thing but I do set out goals that I want to achieve for the year which can kind of get lost in translation if I don’t write them down. Not good!

So recently I watched one of Christina Zilber’s (CZJouer) snapchat videos and she mentioned that she had written out her ‘intentions’ for the year which really grabbed my attention. I had never heard that before and I was more excited about writing out what I intended to achieve in the year than New Years resolutions that seemed far fetched. I’ve since drafted out a few of my intentions for the year and I’m really excited to get the ball rolling with them.
One thing I did notice however about my intentions is that they all revolve around me…no surprises there..



Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong about working on yourself and trying to be a better you but how about throwing in a few intentions, resolutions or goals that ultimately benefit someone else…just a thought. Today I was listening to a podcast by one of my favourite preachers – Andy Stanley ( I’ve included the link to the sermon here –http://player.theplatform.com/p/IfSiAC/Jodv_gyT2j3Q/select/vMtcFAplydCE?params=affiliate%3Dyourmove.is ) and he made a valid suggestion , why not make a New years Resolution that changes the world for good? Now that might sound like a big suggestion to make , but the world could be your home, your work place, being a better parent to your children etc…

So I submit the above ‘suggestion’ to you today and also encourage you to listen to the sermon linked above and see who’s world you can change for the better this year.


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