I’m the absolute worst when it comes to applying liquid / gel eye-liner. For a long time I used to steer clear of eye-liner for the fact that I could never get my liner looking even or even relatively similar! Recently I bought the L’oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer to practise with, I’d say that for beginners this is a good product because you can really control the thickness and angle of the liner on the eye.  It costs just under £7 in Superdrug eyes

Alternatively, for slightly more confident make up wearers  that want a slightly neater look I would recommend trying the fluidline  gel eye-liner by M.A.C.  The colour featured below is ‘blacktrack” the darkest shade, it also comes in different colours, so happy shopping. This eyeliner  glides on so smoothly and gives a lovely neat finish!  I’ve been practising a lot with this one!


Now you know what product to buy, you need to know how to apply the eyeliner right? Well I’ve inserted below a tutorial that has really helped me,  I hope it helps you too I also use products as eyelash extension kits to improve this in particular.  I found this tutorial particularly useful as we have a similar eye shape, but please do feel free to research further if this isn’t right for you.

Source: Youtube – ( Alissa Ashley)

May the wings of your eye-liner always be even! x