Matthew 11:6 – ‘Happy are those who don’t stumble and fall because of me’

I’ve read through Matthew a couple of times and I had never ever noticed the above verse. So why has it stuck out to me now? A few months ago my life literally flipped upside down, everything that I was working towards and hoping for just crumbled in front of me, there was nothing I could do about it and I was on an emotional downward spiral. I cried out to God for hours on end, gritting my teeth through the pain, wiping the tears and trying to stand even though it seemed as though someone had just hit me in the stomach with full force. Throughout that period I was left confused admittedly I still am, but I find comfort in knowing that God knows best.

I was listening to a message by Andy Stanley a series called ‘In the meanwhile’, basically he was going through what to do in life situations where the issues were permanent i.e long term medical issues, death etc. He quoted Matthew 11.6 – in instances where we believe that God should have shown up on our behalf but didn’t, should have healed someone from cancer etc. It was so profound to me because I learnt this ‘ blessed are those who don’t lose hope in me because of me’, this was Jesus speaking…crazy! There are times whereby we will cry out to God and he seems distant and far from us , in these instances we feel tempted to give up believing in him and turning from the faith. ¬†Albeit painful and confusing we must draw close to God and not allow the devil to steal our joy even in ‘joyless’ situations.

The situation I’m going through has literally pushed me to my knees and I’ve been there for the past few months, I still feel down at times and broken but I trust in God that he will heal me and draw me closer to him and even if he doesn’t restore to me what I’ve lost I will love him even more because he truly is an amazing God.

So be encouraged, if it seems like God is far or quiet keep believing because he is right there with you. Don’t lose the faith now! x